Better Call Saul Season 6: Netflix confirms the premiere of new episodes of the drama


Better Call Saul, the crime drama that serves as a prequel to Breaking Bad and tells the story of how Jimmy McGill became the mobster lawyer Saul Goodman, premiered season 6 on the American broadcast network AMC on Monday, April 18 as it was scheduled. But, many fans outside the United States are still wondering when the sixth and final installment of the successful series will debut on the Netflix platform.

Better Call Saul fans finally got what they’ve been waiting for for a long time. It had been two years since AMC last aired new episodes, and that was when the fifth season hit the network in February 2020. It wasn’t easy for the show’s crew and cast to film all 13 episodes of season 6, whose The process ended last February, but the important thing is that they began to arrive.

While AMC has been streaming Better Call Saul season 6 since last Monday when the two-episode premiere hit fans’ screens, many are wondering when the sixth installment of the crime drama will hit Netflix. The bad news is that the sixth installment won’t hit the streamer until 2023 in America, but in other parts of the world things are different.

As it turns out, streaming platform Netflix premiered Better Call Saul season 6 on Wednesday, April 20, two days after the long-awaited debut on AMC and streaming platform AMC+. Fans can now enjoy the first two episodes of the sixth and final season of the crime drama, which promises to be explosive.

Seasons 1-5 are also available on Netflix. This allows fans to catch up on the events leading up to the sixth installment, with which Jimmy McGill completes his transformation as Saul Goodman, the defense attorney for posters that fans met in season 2 of Breaking Bad.

Let’s remember that Better Call Saul season 6 will connect to the opening events of Breaking Bad and therefore bring back Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to appear at some point in the final season. So far, the form or under what circumstances the characters of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will appear has not been revealed, but it must be clear that this is one of the most anticipated events by fans.