Better Call Saul Season 6: Fans Predict Lalo Salamanca’s Fate in Episode 6


Better Call Saul Season 6, the latest in the crime drama that follows the life of Jimmy McGill and his transformation into criminal attorney Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), returns every Monday with new episodes as it heads toward the end of the first part of the latest installment through the AMC broadcast chain. (Episode 5 spoilers)

The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul began with Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) fleeing the crime scene where his family was gunned down at the end of season 5, by mercenaries sent by Gustavo Fring (GIancarlo Esposito) with the help by Nacho Varga (Michael Mando). But it was not until episode 3 when the character disappeared from the screen that he decided to look for evidence to face Fring.

After Lalo Salamanca told his uncle Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) what had happened in Mexico, he also assured her that he was convinced of Gustavo Fring’s involvement in the failed assassination attempt. It was there that Dalton’s character decided not to return to Mexico. This left fans wondering about his whereabouts.

Better Call Saul returned this week with the fifth episode of season 6 on AMC. This installment gave viewers the opportunity to find out where Lalo Salamanca went, but it also raised some questions as the criminal is about to find evidence of him.

The fifth episode of the sixth installment of Better Call Saul revealed that Lalo Salamanca was in Germany using the name of Ben, to continue investigating the construction of Gustavo Fring’s laboratory. The character tracked down Werner Ziegler’s widow, Margarethe, and entered her home while she was away, noticing a measuring ruler encased in glass with an inscription that reads “Love…your boys.” Without a doubt, this is a clue that indicates that other men worked alongside Werner.

In Better Call Saul, Lalo Salamanca will have to find out who those men were who helped build Gustavo Fring’s laboratory and in this way he will find the evidence he is looking for so much. From this narrative, fans of the AMC drama formulated a theory about the fate of the character played by Tony Dalton.

“Lalo’s fate seems more or less sealed after yesterday: he’s eventually going to find out where the lab is and he’s going to have a showdown with Mike/Gus,” said one fan on Reddit.

“He will find out by interviewing some of the remaining guys who worked on Gus’s tunnel what is really going on,” said another. “In the end, Gus kills him in the tunnel with his gun. Somehow, Jimmy has to know that Lalo is still alive too, so maybe Lalo pays him a visit. And the guy with the axe, maybe Lalo convinced the German Mike punched him in the face to get revenge and join him in the tunnel.”

“Gus is practicing what to do in case Lalo shows up, writing: “if you notice, he started counting his strides after holding the switch that will turn off the lights. He is preparing for the moment when he brings Lalo.”

“I don’t think Gus kills Lalo. I think he keeps him sandwiched in the basement, alive, to torture him, like in the story he told about the coati. In the end Gus is going to take the barrel of amontillado,” read one comment, referring to a short story by Edgar Allen Poe.