Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 10 Review


The following article contains spoilers for season 6 of “Better Call Saul.”

It almost goes without saying that even the greatest shows will have filler episodes, but “Better Call Saul” continues to prove its worth by providing a black-and-white adventure in which Gene Takovich channels back his inner Jimmy McGill or Saul Goodman as he tries to get his way. back in the game to take care of a rather urgent matter.

That’s because “Nitti” sees Jin doing exactly what he told Ed Galbraith a while ago, as the main character revives his former images to get rid of his problem with the nosy taxi driver with a scheme that only Kim is missing to be like anyone else in Better Call Saul. Speaking of which, as many fans have suggested, episode 10 is the first in season 6 with a one-word title, which perhaps hints that the two-word combinations may have been a tribute to the presence of Kim, who is now gone forever (obviously).

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All in all, “Nitty” is an episode of a robbery, a robbery at an Omaha mall with much less loot than what Jimmy may have been used to in his former life, a robbery planned from the Cinnabon rather than from his old apartment or gaudy office, but nevertheless, robbery. . The initial setup involves Jeff’s taxi driver’s mother, Marion (played by Carol Burnett), whom Gene tracks down to offer some help after blocking her way home and carefully portraying himself as an innocent old man looking for his dog, which is quite normal considering Jimmy is quite comfortable around the elderly.

This gives him an invitation to return to her house, where he ends up staying for dinner and sitting in front of his newfound threat, which now seems less threatening than he was at first, which Saul immediately picks up when he develops a master plan. remove it from the back. Whether this trail will come back to bite him remains to be seen, and it’s worth saying that Jin is still a very paranoid person who constantly covers his back, even tuning in to police radio broadcasts.

As soon as Saul puts his signature ring on his little finger, it is put on, because then the episode really starts the game with some transitions like “Ocean’s Eleven Friends” added to convey the idea that this is a robbery. His first approach to mall security is not exactly Sliding Jimmy at his best, nevertheless, like everyone who has mastered his craft, Gene has no problem entering the flow levels of Saul Goodman.

Instead of the lonely and defeated Gene Takovich during these few minutes, fans see Jimmy, who succeeds in the hustle and bustle, the same thrill that he and Kim gave each other, which eventually forced her to abandon the relationship. As it turns out, Gene can be just as charming as Jimmy, learning all the subtleties of the college football scene in Nebraska to get closer to the mall security guards, but especially to Frank, whose chubby figure testifies to a sweet tooth and a special love for sweets. cinnamon buns.

Both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have always had a lot of robberies, but this episode touches on this topic in an updated approach that is largely distinguished by its colorless world. 3 minutes is all Jeff needs to steal some expensive things from a department store, and Gene is sure that he brings this idea to consciousness, even returning to a familiar story about a once—bankrupt chemistry teacher who became a millionaire.

Execution is a completely different matter, and it turns out that Jeff’s time spent at the crime scene in Albuquerque was not the best school, as he was still clearly nervous about carrying out the plan. An unfortunate slip of the tongue ensures that this “Nitti” is not without tension, as Gene has to fake a nervous breakdown with Frank in order to save Jeff from surveillance cameras, but it is at this moment that Jimmy’s true emotional state remains visible to the public. .

If Saul Goodman was a facade created to hide the pain left in Jimmy after his brother’s death and Kim’s departure, then Jin must bear this burden along with the desire for Saul’s life, an empty existence, but that, at least from a materialistic point of view. certainly gave him a good life. This is evidenced by the last scene in which Gene collects a bright shirt and tie combination.

The latest “Better Call Saul” robbery turned out to be a success, although not quite for Jeff and his friend, who now have a good reason to never inform on Gene/Saul, since they are now complicit in a surprisingly long list of crimes. “Nitty” drops the show completely into the future, although the show is no longer the same without the new “Better Call Saul” characters, and this record will make some wonder if the black-and-white shell in Gene’s life will finally come off. Walt and Jesse’s memories from Breaking Bad.


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