Better Call Saul Reveals What Happened to 1 Key Early Character


When “Better Call Saul” finally intersects with “Breaking Bad,” the curious fate of one prequel-era character is confirmed. “Better Call Saul” has now really entered its final stage, as season 6, episode 11 jumps between season 2 of “Breaking Bad” and the timeline of the Genie sequel. From the Drug Enforcement Administration believing that Jesse Pinkman is in Mexico to Kim Wexler selling sprinkler systems in Florida, the episode shows what fate awaits the characters of both series, and also affects Francesca, Huell, Skyler and Daniel.

Peter Diset’s Bill Oakley is the unsung hero of Better Call Saul. Appearing in all six seasons of the Breaking Bad spin-off, Bill didn’t particularly enjoy the seismic character development, but he constantly interfered with Jimmy McGill in court. As a more ordinary lawyer representing the prosecution, Bill is just begging for a salary. He does not have enough patience for Jimmy’s interference, he is jealous when Jimmy gets a prestigious gig at Davis & Main, and avoids Jimmy after Lalo Salamanca is released under false pretenses. Bill Oakley is the perfect barometer of Jimmy McGill’s progress on “Better Call Saul.”

Given his constant presence, viewers of “Better Call Saul” will be forgiven for thinking about the fate of Bill Oakley during “Breaking Bad” and after it. Season 6 “Better Call Saul”, episode 11 properly answers this question when Francesca Liddy calls Gene Takavich, informing him about the events in Albuquerque. Francesca is quickly running out of topics to cover (not to mention running out of patience), Francesca tells Gene that Bill Oakley has “switched sides” from prosecution lawyer to defense lawyer, just like Saul Goodman. Then the inscription “William Oakley” appears in the advertisement of the bus stop & Associates”, and the website is completely authentic.

Why did Bill Oakley switch sides (can he come back?)

Since Gene Takavich didn’t know about Bill’s new job until Francesca informed him about it, we can assume that this is a recent event, and the William Oakley company & Associates came into being after Saul Goodman left town. It’s hard not to suspect that Bill deliberately jumped in Saul’s place. Season 2 of “Better Call Saul” showed Bill’s innermost desire to have an easy job that would pay well for less work and be accompanied by all the privileges, and he probably knows about Saul Goodman’s Cadillac, a luxurious mansion and a luxurious lifestyle during “Breaking Bad”. When Saul is forced to flee, he leaves behind a huge gap in criminal defense – potentially hundreds of clients who need representation in court, and who can no longer “call Saul.” Enter Bill Oakley.

Not only does the company name sound suspiciously familiar, but also the William Oakley website & Associates issues a list of offenses that Saul Goodman once specialized in. Of course, the branding is not so tasteless, but Bill clearly occupies the vacuum created by Saul. disappearance. It’s a fitting end for a character who has lived in Jimmy McGill’s shadow since the series “Better Call Saul” began. In terms of charisma, popularity, romance and prestige, Sol will surely outshine his opponent in the courtroom. Even in the 11th episode of season 6, “Better Call Saul,” Bill Oakley remains Saul Goodman for the poor.

The revelation of Bill Oakley’s fate may be nothing more than a “Better Call Saul” Easter egg, but could there be a deeper reason why Francesca mentions this particular detail? By the end of Breaking Bad, Gene is resorting to his old tricks, and also seems to be hoping that he can return to Albuquerque when the heat subsides. If “Better Call Saul” has time for another scam to make Saul’s crimes disappear, then Gene hires Bill Oakley as his lawyer—a beautiful and ironic turn of events—may be part of his plan. Gene knows Bill’s weaknesses, and he’s perfect for manipulating some vicious, audacious conspiracy.


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