“Better Call Saul” Brings Gene Closer to Kim Wexler Reunion


Is Gene Takavich’s semi-fictionalized crisis teasing Jimmy and Kim’s reunion on “Better Call Saul”? With the help of “Entertainment and Games”, “Better Call Saul” finally answered the question that viewers have been asking since the first season: why does Kim Wexler from Rhea Seahorn not appear in Breaking Bad? Shaken to the core by Howard Hamlin’s death, Kim experienced a long overdue wake-up call about her moral decline and shockingly canceled her marriage to Jimmy McGill, blaming Howard’s death on their toxic partnership. The fact that Kim escaped death naturally sparked rumors of a potential reconciliation in the timeline of “Better Call Saul,” which takes place after the events of “Breaking Bad.”

There are three episodes of “Better Call Saul” left, but what exactly happens in these last chapters can only be guessed. “Fun and Games” put the finishing touches to everything that was before “Breaking Bad”— Gus Fring’s victory over Lalo Salamanca, Kim’s sudden departure from Albuquerque and even the redesign of Saul Goodman’s office. Season 6, “Better Call Saul,” episode 10 (“Nippy”) then jumps into Gene’s black-and-white future, where Jeff’s lingering problem from season 5 is solved, and then “Saul Goodman” is finally laid to rest when Jimmy resists the urge to buy a Saul-style shirt and tie. Now that almost every item on the to-do list of the 6th season of the series “Better Call Saul” has been crossed out, one can only guess what exactly will happen in the last three episodes, but “Nippy” hints that the reunion of Jimmy and Kim is just around the corner. .

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Gene’s robbery at Cottonwood Mall begins to unravel when Jeff slips on the store’s polished floor, stealing Air Jordan and cashmere shirts. When his man has lost consciousness, Gene needs to distract the guard, so he simulates an emotional breakdown, bursting into crocodile tears and crying louder every time Frank starts to turn to the CCTV monitors. Unexpectedly, Gene’s improvisation touches on deep-rooted traumas. Returning to Jimmy McGill for a moment, the ex-lawyer solemnly admits: “I have no wife, no children, no friends. If I die tonight, no one will care.” This line can secretly reveal Jin’s next move. After letting “Saul Goodman” die and finally settling back into his own skin, isn’t it time for Gene to find the one person with whom he can share his life?

How Jimmy and Kim can reunite in the chronology of “Better Call Saul”

Kim Wexler’s season 6 departure episode “Better Call Saul” didn’t say anything about where she went. And since all the last moments of the couple’s life took place behind the scenes, it is unknown whether Kim told Jimmy where to find her. So even if Jin decides he needs to get Kim back, where would he even start looking? In fact, Kim may be closer than Jin thinks, as the flashback “Better Call Saul” shows how she grew up in Nebraska, not far from where Jimmy is currently hiding. Maybe Jimmy deliberately chose Nebraska as an escape city in the vague hope that he would stumble upon Kim. Another potential clue can be found in the Gin lunchbox. During a break at Cinnabon, Jin eats out of the Kansas City Royals’ lunchbox-an allusion to the royals’ shirt Kim often wore when she and Jimmy were together. While Gene ponders where his ex-wife might be, a simple lunchbox might inspire him for this crucial light bulb moment.

Or Kim may be looking for Jimmy in the final episodes of the sixth season of “Better Call Saul.” Saul Goodman became widely known after the authorities solved the Heisenberg case, and even taxi driver Jeff knew that Saul was wanted. Someone as smart and resourceful as Kim probably already knows that Saul Goodman is on the run. Kim also knows about the black book in which her ex-husband found the Missing Person’s number, which gave her a starting point to find Jimmy. Kim’s enduring love can push her towards Jin’s life… if she can figure out where Ed sent him.


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