Better Call Saul: 10 Memes that perfectly sum up the show


While viewers are still shocked by Kim’s massive decision at the end of “Fun and Games,” fans on Reddit continue to create hilarious memes that perfectly summarize everything that “Better Call Saul” continues to be week after week.

From the very beginning, the show “Better Call Saul” has become an abundant source of memes thanks to its lighthearted tone and comedic protagonist. Although the tone of the series has become much darker lately, it remains the source of some of the funniest internet memes.

Comparison with the TV series “Breaking Bad”

“Better Call Saul” has always been compared to “Breaking Bad” from the very first episode, but many fans are finally starting to agree that these two shows are at least equal in quality. Many fans actually claim that “Better Call Saul” is even better than “Breaking Bad”, which leads to a lot of controversy in the community.

This meme proves that comparisons between the two shows will always exist, but it is a testament to Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould that they managed to create such a popular and well-known series that can compete in quality with what is considered one of the most famous. the best shows ever created.

Character Development

Saul Goodman was mostly used simply as a comic character in Breaking Bad, and his character was primarily considered funny and cute. But after seeing exactly how Jimmy McGill turned into Saul Goodman, the character’s story is more like a dark tragedy.

Many characters were involved in pushing Jimmy to become Saul, but ultimately it was his own decision, and the series explains exactly why he decided to change his personality in an exciting way. It was this rich character development that caused the appearance of an extensive fan base in “Better Call Saul”.

Bond Jimmy and Kim

The relationship between Jimmy and Kim has been constant throughout the six seasons Better call Saul, and it’s obvious that these two love each other, despite all their problems. Kim has always supported Jimmy, and this was the main factor that led to her meticulous defamation of Howard Hamlin.

The sixth season of “Better Call Saul” focuses heavily on Jimmy and Kim’s detailed plan to overthrow Howard and secure the Sandbox settlement they were promised a long time ago. This meme highlights how corrupt they both are, constantly working together to destroy their enemies.

As in Breaking Bad, there are several storylines in Better Call Saul that run parallel to each other at the same time. The main plot of the show has always been the development of Jimmy and Kim as characters, but the cartel was constantly in the background to raise the stakes and create drama.

This meme shows how exciting Jimmy and Kim’s relationship was, even despite some really exciting and haunting storylines revolving around Gus and Salamanca. This proves that not only drugs and violence do It’s better to call Saul so popular, but also thanks to a lot of wonderful character arches.

Domino effect

Although this meme refers specifically to season 6 of Better Call Saul, it depicts a concept that played a huge role in the series as a whole: the domino effect. Almost all of Saul’s tragedies and problems are the result of some small mistake or bad idea that he made in the past, which then got out of control and led to terrible consequences.

Thus, “Better Call Saul” is very similar to “Breaking Bad”. Both Jimmy and Walter White suffer the terrible consequences of their selfish decisions. If Jimmy hadn’t been greedy with the Sandbox settlement the way White was greedy with his drug money, things would never have gone so badly.

Kim’s fate

The fate of Kim Wexler’s fan-favorite character has always been in question (given that she doesn’t appear in Breaking Bad at all), so fans were constantly worried about how her story would end. This meme perfectly conveys the fear that fans feel every time her character is in danger.

Kim is one of the many “Better Call Saul” characters who deserve better, as many of her troubles and problems are the result of legal shenanigans she pulled off with Jimmy’s help. And, as has been clearly shown in the series in the past, once you get into the “game”, you are constantly in danger.

Predictions about Saul’s future

In the final episode of Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman assumed a new identity and moved to Nebraska to escape the consequences of his relationship with Walter White.


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