Better call GenSola repeats the most difficult riddle of Walter White


This is Walter White’s question again, as “Better Call Saul” leaves viewers with a dilemma: should they really be rooting for Gene Takavich. Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, is considered one of the greatest television characters of all time, and when this mesmerizing performance is just beginning, the audience can’t help but support his amazing new career path. As Breaking Bad progresses, Walt becomes more and more despicable, until those same viewers suddenly realize that they are welcoming a killer who stalks innocent children, works with neo-Nazis, and blackmails “loved ones.” Despite all of the above, it’s impossible not to support Cranston’s character in the latest episode of Breaking Bad…

Better Call Saul has avoided this conundrum so far. Of course, Jimmy McGill does questionable things during his solo history, but usually he either makes amends (the scam with Irene Sandpiper), or takes revenge (the scam with Chuck in the courtroom), or clearly does not feel comfortable (the Howard drug scam). In any case, really dark things don’t appear until “Breaking Bad.” Even during the black-and-white “Better Call Saul” timeline set after Breaking Bad, “Gene” seems like a reformed character you can support without feeling acute bouts of ethical confusion during the end credits.

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Everything changes when Gene Takavich quickly returns to old habits in the 11th episode of the 6th season of the TV series “Better call Saul” (“Breaking Bad”). At first, he starts cheating on a rich and unpleasant banker, played by Buzz from “Home Alone” (you probably shouldn’t get too upset about this), but in the end credits, Gene robs a cancer patient. Gene fires Buddy, patronizes Jeff, and takes advantage of Marion’s kindness by using her garage to plan crimes. At the moment, it is very difficult to consider Gene as the main character of “Better Call Saul”, recreating the same mystery that viewers encountered while watching Walter White in the fifth season of “Breaking Bad”. There are only two episodes left, should we still support the guy we were cheering on. since 2015?

Should you be rooting for Gene in the movie “Better Call Saul” right now?

It feels like in the episode “Breaking Bad” of the sixth season of the TV series “Better Call Saul” viewers want Gene to like less with every 15 minutes. He begins the series portraying a very (co)pathetic figure on the phone with Francesca, but becomes less attractive due to a phone booth flash, dragging Jeff back into criminal activity after previously insisting they were over, and a new fraud operation that he single men. By the time Gene breaks into a cancer patient’s house, the audience should not be cheering him on, but encouraging his change of views.

Gene is not incorrigible yet (and still not as evil as Walter White in Breaking Bad), but everything depends on his next steps. If Gene continues to deceive the patient, he simply will not be able to be the hero of the last episodes of “Better call Saul.” If Gene suddenly changes his mind and interrupts the operation, viewers can breathe a sigh of relief and resume their usual dynamic with the character of Bob Odenkirk. On the contrary, Walter White’s moral problem was much clearer, since Heisenberg had already committed his worst acts long before the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad.

One of the theories of season 6 of the TV series “Better Call Saul” can prove that Gene’s downward spiral is actually not a downward spiral at all. His recklessness at the end of Breaking Bad is so startling that Gene may be caught as part of some larger hidden scam, which means he’s not really going to wash cancer patients of their hard-earned money. Or is this theory making the same mistake that many fans made during the Breaking Bad series, and trying to see virtue in the main character, who has long turned into a villain?


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