Bette Midler was criticized for the comment “Try to breastfeed” amid a shortage of baby food in the country


In hot water. Bette Midler is facing controversy after a seemingly innocent maternity proposal caused a backlash amid a shortage of the national mix.

“TRY BREASTFEEDING,” the 76—year-old Hocus Pocus star tweeted on Thursday, May 12. “It’s free and available on request.”

Earlier in the day, Midler responded to a message from MSNBC host Stephanie Rule, in which she talked about popular news.

“The shortage of infant formula testifies to an amazing secret oligopoly: 3 American companies control more than 90% [of the market], extremely strict rules (thanks to lobbying for big dollars) prohibit foreign mixtures,” 46-year-old Roulet wrote via a social media platform. “Name another industry/a sector/product like this.”

According to a CBS News report earlier this month, many young parents are finding it increasingly difficult to find baby food in retail stores across the country, explaining that many bestsellers have been out of stock since April. Trying to rationalize the small stock they had, stores began to limit the amount of product a consumer could buy at a time.

While many parents were looking for a way to feed their babies, the Beaches actress tried to offer a suggestion that many Twitter users disagreed with.

“Not everyone can breastfeed for many reasons. And even for those who can, it’s not easy and it’s not free,” one social media user wrote on Thursday.

Another added: “Betty, with all due respect, this is a very bad option. I had twins. I didn’t produce enough milk for both. Without the formula, I would have to choose which one to eat. Not to mention the children who are separated from their biological mothers at a very early age.”

After Midler, who shares daughter Sophie von Haselberg, 35, with husband Martin von Haselberg, was criticized for her alleged lack of knowledge, she doubled down on her opinion.

“People are lashing out because of a former tweet. It’s not a shame if you can’t breastfeed, but if you can and are somehow convinced that your own milk isn’t as good as “scientifically researched products,” it’s something else again,” the Broadway legend tweeted a few hours later. “The news about monopoly is news to me, but it’s not a lie. #wet nurses”.

Earlier, Midler was criticized after she shared a racially insensitive message on a social network in October 2018, calling women the “N-word of the world” and “the most disrespected creatures on Earth.” (The tweet has since been deleted.)

“I angrily tweeted, not thinking that my choice of words would cause rage among black women who suffer doubly being women and being black,” the Hocus Pocus 2 star publicly apologized, noting that she was upset with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at the confirmation hearing. candidates in the light of the “Me too” movement and wanted to share my thoughts about the sexual assault allegations against him. “I am an ally and stand with you; there is always. And I apologize.”