Bethesda will continue its games despite its purchase


Pete Hines, the company’s head of communication, confirms that at least the titles that are currently in development will be edited by them.

All Bethesda Softworks studios have become part of Xbox Game Studios. That is the information that has exploded like a bomb. Both Microsoft and Bethesda have announced it through two statements simultaneously. One of the unknowns of the purchase, in addition to whether future video games will come out only in the Xbox ecosystem (and not on other platforms such as PlayStation 5), is what will happen to Bethesda in her role as editor. The doubts have not lasted long, as Pete Hine, head of marketing and communication of the company, has confirmed that they will continue publishing their own games.

“The key point is that we remain Bethesda,” Hines has written. “We are still working on the same games as yesterday, developed by the same studios we have worked with for years, and those games will be published by us. The manager acknowledges that this is “a great change”, but that will not change her philosophy. “We are going to continue doing what we love: designing great games. We are going to keep trying new things with the same passion ”, with the intention of“ doing it even better ”.

Trust in Bethesda

“I believe in the people I have worked with. I believe in the company that we have created together. I believe in the communities that have been formed around the video games that we have designed. And I think today’s announcement is just the next in a series of changes in our history that will lead us to make bigger and better games for all of us, ”he says.

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The operation has been completed for about 7.5 billion dollars, according to Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, and includes the entire ZeniMax group. As it is, all Bethesda studios will join the Xbox family. We are talking about developers like Arkane, Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, MachineGames, etc.


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