Bethesda: “The Elder Scrolls Online Can Only Get Better With Spanish Localization”


Bethesda: We interviewed Rich Lambert, creative director of the video game, who thinks that the localization of the texts will be a great growth opportunity. Entering a fantasy world involves meeting diverse characters, traveling through dreamlike settings, and challenging dangers beyond imagination. The Elder Scrolls Online, the MMORPG from Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios has a lot of that, but understanding all its ins and outs requires an essential tool, English. Fortunately, the North American company has confirmed that it is preparing the localization of all its texts into Spanish. In an interview with MeriStation, Creative Director Rich Lambert has celebrated this decision and stated that the game “can only get better” when it is implemented, with the June 2022 update.

The location is like a valuable key that opens the door to the expansion of the mass of players. “We are aware that the Spanish community has been asking for this for a long time. One of the main problems with The Elder Scrolls Online has been that these countries have had difficulties accessing the game because they did not understand the words ”, so it will be a“ huge ”advance in terms of the“ growth of these communities ”.

All in all, Lambert positively values ​​the performance of the video game in the Spanish market. He considers that it has worked “well”, but stresses that “it can only get better” now that they are going to locate him. In some Latin American countries, English is more widespread and is spoken by more citizens. Although the director admits that it can vary depending on the country, they have seen the obvious, that people feel more comfortable with their mother tongue. “What we saw when we did the Russian localization is that people are more comfortable when they have those options, so they spend more time” in the title.


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