Bethesda Sees Starfield As A Meeting Between NASA And Indiana Jones


Starfield was certainly one of the best surprises at Microsoft’s conference held last Sunday (13), and certainly several people are keeping an eye on information about the game. The most recent ones, courtesy of The Washington Post, show how Bethesda is looking at its next project.

During the chat, Ashley Cheng, studio executive, commented that the game would be a giant experience much like Star Wars. “For me, Starfield is the Han Solo simulator. Get on a spaceship, explore the galaxy and do fun things”, commented the producer’s employee.


More details

In a chat with The Telegraph, Todd Howard, who is also an executive at the production company, mentioned that for him the project is more like a “NASA meets Indiana Jones meets the Extraordinary League”.

Howard also pointed out that the game will have factions, and one of the main ones that players will have contact with is Constellation. In addition, the title will also feature elements that involve morale and many others to further enhance this adventure.

Are you excited to check out Starfield? Leave your message in the comments space below, remembering that the title will be available for PC and Xbox on November 11, 2022.


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