Bethesda purchase will not affect PS5 exclusivity


In a note posted in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, Bethesda confirmed that its recent sale to the Xbox Game Studios group will not impact the development of Deathloop, which will remain an exclusive PlayStation 5 title on consoles.

With the recent definitive acquisition of ZeniMax Media and the official statement by Phil Spencer confirming that the partnership will result in games exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X, much has been questioned about the future of Deathloop in video games, especially since it has already been announced that the title will not arrive on Microsoft platforms. However, Arkane Studios decided to end the assumptions by stating that it will fulfill the project agreed with Sony, making the game available only on PS5 on consoles.

“The acquisition did not affect the development of Deathloop, which we are developing exclusively for PlayStaton 5 on consoles and PCs,” said an Arkane spokesman. Thus, everything indicates that the new game from the creators of Dishonored and the unprecedented IP Ghostwire: Tokyo – also from Bethesda – will not have their plans changed.

Deathloop will be released on May 21 for PlayStation 5 and PC.


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