Bethesda, Known for its Fallout vs Wolfenstein Series, Decided to Close its Game Launcher


Bethesda has decided to close the Bethesda Launcher, where it offers its games, at the end of 2022. Games on the closed platform will be transferred to Steam.
It was bought by Xbox in March 2021, one of the big names in the game world. However, game series such as Fallout, Rage and Wolfenstein, which were produced by the company, could also be played through Bethesda’s own game launcher, ‘Bethesda Launcher’.

However, Bethesda announced that they will gradually say goodbye to this launcher with a statement they made on Twitter today. Officials announced that the games will be on the Steam platform from now on.

Online games will not be affected by this change.
In the statement, it was announced that users will be able to transfer their libraries to Steam from the beginning of April. After this transfer, users will have successfully transferred their games and progress to Steam.

It has been announced that the necessary preparations for the transfer of Fallout 76, the last game of Bethesda’s popular series Fallout, have begun. In a statement on Bethesda’s site, Fallout 76 players were assured that everything, including their friend lists, Fallout First memberships, and in-game progress, will be transferred to their Steam accounts.

After the Bethesda Launcher is closed and the games go to Steam, Bethesda’s games will be playable on the computer via Steam and Xbox.