Bethesda Hires Fallout: London Modder


Bethesda games are known for their large and dedicated communities of mod developers who remain active long after the release of the game. Modifications range from almost imperceptible tweaks to ambitious projects such as Beyond Skyrim. The Fallout: London mod probably belongs to the second category, turning Fallout 4 into a completely new game.

Bethesda seems to have taken notice of this and hired a prominent team member to the company. The Fallout: London team recently announced that their lead technical consultant has accepted a position at Bethesda Softworks. Despite the fact that this is an important step in his career, he will no longer invest his talent in a huge mod for Fallout 4.

On Thursday, the Fallout: London team announced the departure of lead technical consultant Ryan “Ropiequet” Johnson. As the name suggests, Johnson’s role was to advise the Fallout London level design team. However, he will now use this experience as a junior level designer at Bethesda. The development team described the announcement as “bittersweet,” congratulating Johnson and expressing regret over his departure from the project.

Fortunately, the Fallout: London team was not stunned by Johnson’s departure. The message explains that the team has known about his departure for some time. Johnson worked hard to complete all of his design tasks and more, collecting project documentation so that other team members could build on his work. Although Johnson’s departure will undoubtedly have some impact, it seems he has done everything possible to ensure that his new job does not harm the development of Fallout London. The team thanked Johnson for his hard work and professionalism, and the post playfully mentions that he is looking forward to finding his Easter eggs in future Bethesda games.

It is noteworthy that Johnson is not the only Fallout: London developer to whom Bethesda offered a job. Bethesda UK also approached the project manager Dean Carter with an offer to join the Fallout 76 team. However, according to the Fallout: London development team, Carter decided to bring the project to an end. The statement explains that while some modders join major projects just to impress potential employers, Carter is passionate about continuing the project for both the community and the team.

For those who are not familiar with the project, Fallout: London is the upcoming full conversion mod for Fallout 4. In the named city, players will explore the destroyed metropolis, fighting mutants and moving through the web of conflicts and alliances between the unique factions of Fallout London. These groups include post-apocalyptic aristocrats, populist revolutionaries, a rebel army inspired by medieval knights and soldiers of World War II, and a mysterious secret society manipulating events behind the scenes.

Fallout 4 is already available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.