Bethesda games you should play on Game Pass


This Friday (12th) Bethesda added no less than 19 incredible games to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service! From the Doom franchise to The Elder Scrolls, through Dishonored and Fallout, there are options for all tastes and player profiles to find something to enjoy!

But as time is a scarce resource and you can’t always try everything, we have prepared a short list to help you learn about some absolutely essential titles that are already available in the catalog! Now just read, download your favorite and have the party over the weekend!

Doom I and II

How about starting with some of the greatest classics in the history of video games? It’s a bit of a cheat to make a cashing here, but anyone interested in the history of the shooters needs to play the first two Dooms launched by id software on computers. In 1993, the series established a new quality paradigm and served as a model for several derivative games, helping a lot to popularize the genre!



This is one of Arkane’s most interesting projects, although many players have let it slip under their radar. Fortunately, this can now be remedied in the Game Pass, your gateway to the Talos I station, which is almost a separate character in the game. Prey is an experience full of thought-provoking mechanics that dialogue very well with each other, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a creative and differentiated game.


Fallout New Vegas

In addition to New Vegas, Bethesda also brought other Fallout chapters to Game Pass, such as Fallout 4 and the controversial Fallout 76. Among all of these, New Vegas can be the best gateway to this captivating post-apocalyptic world, especially if take into account how much your reputation has improved since the original launch. Continued support helped make this chapter one of the best in the franchise!


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim was relaunched in so many ways and on different consoles that its arrival on the new platforms ended up becoming a bit of a meme. But the truth is that, underneath the jokes, we have one of the best and most influential RPGs released in recent years, a title worthy of all the praise and awards it has received. If you still don’t know Dragonborne’s journey, or if you are looking to revisit it, there is no better opportunity!


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