Bethesda confirms Starfield is still a long way off


Pete Hines reveals that the game will be made to be expected because it is “not ready to show itself,” but promises that it will not disappoint players.

Starfield “is not ready to show himself.” This was stated by Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vice president of public relations, in a German digital meeting where he was asked about this ambitious project shown back in E3 2018, the same date that The Elder Scrolls VI was presented.

“If the game is not ready to show, there is not much to do until it is”

“Look, my life would be so much easier if we were prepared to show and talk about what the team is working on,” he begins by saying. “Anyone can do marketing when the game is ready to be shown, right? It just… shows the game, ”but Starfield hasn’t even achieved that status, according to Hines.

“If the game is not ready to show, there is not much to do until it is,” he says. He sends a message of hope to the fans, however, assuring in his words that “the only thing I can tell you is that when we finally get to it, when we can reach the moment to speak, I think you will be surprised. I think you will be excited; What will you say: ‘it was worth the wait’ ”. We’ll see. There is much left until we are there ”, he ends.

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