Bethesda believes purchasing is win-win for both parties


Christopher Weaver, creator of The Elder Scrolls saga, considers the purchase to be “very interesting.” The purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft has capsized the video game industry, an operation that culminates in the payment of 7.5 billion dollars by one of the largest companies in the sector.

Christopher Weaver, co-founder of Bethesda, is also the creator and executive producer of the first The Elder Scrolls, which is why he has been interviewed by Inverse. Like the co-founder of id Software, now an Xbox Game Studios studio, he welcomes the Redmond maneuver, because he thinks that this marriage will benefit both parties.

“I think this acquisition is extremely interesting for both companies,” said Weaver. “Microsoft expands instantly with the acquisition of one of the most experienced companies in entertainment software (during a period when video game sales are at the highest.” According to the former Bethesda, the company he founded “se He benefits from concentrating his creative potential on the software that will nurture Microsoft ”, which he qualifies as a“ good marriage ”with one of the“ greatest ”partners.

Bethesda games, only on Xbox and PC?

The doubts have not taken long to appear. The acquisition of the ZeniMax Media group, the company that owns Bethesda, raises the question of whether or not the company’s future video games will be released on other platforms, such as PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch. In cases like Minecraft, it was decided to keep multiplatform, but in Bethesda Phil Spencer has already provided the first keys. And it is that they will value it according to each game, case by case.

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And what about the productions that are already confirmed as temporary PlayStation 5 exclusives? Microsoft will honor the agreements and allow Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, the latest from Arkane and Tango Gameworks, respectively, to come out earlier on Sony’s system.


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