Bethenny Frankel Reveals the “Technicality” that Allowed Her to Leave RHONY


Bethenny Frankel spoke about the “technical moment of the deal”, which she used as an excuse to leave the “Real Housewives of New York”. Bethenny joined the Bravo Housewives series in 2008 when it debuted on screen. She left the franchise in 2011 after three seasons, but returned to the show for a seventh season in 2015. Bethenny was one of the main actors of the franchise and entertained fans for years. However, she withdrew from the franchise again after season 11 in 2019.

Bethenny cited emotional exhaustion as the reason for her departure from the show, but co-star Luann de Lesseps later stated that there was more to Bethenny’s decision to cease to exist. In an interview with Rob Shooter’s Naughty but Nice podcast, Luann stated that due to contract disagreements between producers Bethenny and Bravo, she decided to give up her apple. In the podcast, Luann also said that money was the real reason the Skinnygirl mogul left the show. However, it turned out that the reason for Bethenny’s departure from the show was not related to money.

In a recent TikTok video, the 51-year-old TV presenter clarified the assumptions surrounding her departure. Bethenny noted in a clip posted on July 5: “I used the technical side of the deal as an excuse.” Bethenny said she had just lost someone special (Dennis Shields) and the show didn’t give her time to recover from the crushing loss as she had to go back to work. Then the reality star explained that the producers of the show adjusted the contract with housewives when many actors did not show up for filming because they did not get along with actors from different cities. The new term stated that actors were not paid for every episode skipped. Bethenny didn’t like the new contract clause, and she decided to leave.

In the clip, Bethenny also addressed the information she left because of the money. The graduate of The Big Shot With Bethenny explained: “If I had stayed, it would have been for the money. I left because I wanted to leave. I was ready to leave.” Bethenny, a former talk show host, also noted that the producers said they would have changed the contract for her, but she was looking for an opportunity to leave. Bethenny said: “I’m one of those people [where] this one thing will give me an excuse, so I said no. it is important. And, you know, I’m not bluffing, I was just looking for a reason, and it was a good reason.”

Bravo fans know that Bethenny has remained relevant on television for many years, entertaining viewers with the series “The Real Housewives of New York.” The former talk show host gave fans one of the best events in the history of reality TV, and her presence will be greatly missed. Although the TV presenter has left and returned in the past, her recent departure seems to be final. Bethenny TikTok’s video showed that she was looking for a reason to end the relationship. So when the opportunity came, she wasted no time. Bethenny has not commented on the return, which means that fans will have to expect new entertainment from other actors.