Beth Behrs: 25 things you don’t know about me (“I worked for Joan Rivers in college”)


Works upstairs. Beth Behrs talked about what fans might not know about her, and the actress said that she started in Hollywood, working as an assistant for the late icon.

The star of the CBS series “Neighborhood” studied at the UCLA School of Film and Television, where she received a bachelor’s degree in critical studies in 2008 when she got a job at the leading Fashion Police. Below she tells how the famous comedian, who died in 2014, cooked food for her and gave her fashionable gifts.

Another iconic funny lady wrote her a note, which she has since framed, while she told us she was dying to go to a dinner party at the home of an Oscar winner.

Despite being a foodie, Bers hopes to reduce her environmental impact. “Food waste is a huge taboo in [my] house,” she explained, before revealing how she tries to create less garbage.

That’s why she teamed up with Schick Intuition Bamboo. Eco-friendly razors consist of 75% recycled steel blades and 100% recyclable cardboard packaging, which helps Bers to get rid of plastic as much as possible in her home, which she shares with her husband Michael Gladys, whom she married in 2018.

Keep scrolling to find out 25 Things You Don’t Know about Behrs:

1. I was wearing cowboy boots at the audition for “Two Girls Broke,” and [director] Michael Patrick King said that I should buy high—heeled shoes — the first in my life – for a screen test.

2. There should be no plastic in our house, so I recently swapped all my plastic razors for new Schick Intuition Bamboo razors! They come in recyclable and certified cardboard packaging made from environmentally friendly materials, have a unique handle made of 70% renewable bamboo, and provide the same clean and smooth shave that I’m used to. We also always use reusable bags for sandwiches, groceries, groceries, etc.

3. Horses consume my life outside of the game. I have a rescue mare named Belle, half mustang. I always say, “Who saved who?”

4. Food waste is prohibited in [my] house. I compost every day and as a result I get delicious soil for my garden!

5. The best friend of my childhood is Matt Doyle, who plays the main role in “Company on Broadway”.

6. I recently discovered pickled marbles, and I’m really obsessed.

7. My best audition and biggest grief was for Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady” on Broadway, and I didn’t get the part.

8. I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree. in theater, cinema and television. I wanted to make documentaries. Still doing it.

9. In elementary school, I pretended to be sick in order to stay at home and watch reruns of the series “I Love Lucy”.

10. As a child, I was a real athlete. My football team called me “The biggest beast in the smallest package.”

11. I love a good joke about farting. There always is. I always will.

12. Last year I sold my first comedy script to Lionsgate.

13. In real life, I worked as a waitress for a very short time. I left after spilling 60-ounce beer glasses on a table of 10 people.

14. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and the meditation practice I learned, called yoga nidra, saved my life. Now I am teaching [it] for the fitness app Obé.

15. I am happiest and calmest when I am in nature or reading a beautiful book.

16. My favorite food group is pasta.

17. My celebrity is Stanley Tucci. I would give anything to go to a dinner party at his house.

18. I worked for Joan Rivers in college, and she cooked me eggs and gave me jewelry.

19. My sister and I started a hippotherapy program for survivors of sexual violence.

20. Every day I make a giant green cocktail. That’s the only way I’ll eat vegetables.

21. My grandmother was the first person I learned physical comedy from. She pulled out her teeth to laugh in fancy restaurants.

22. My dream job is like The Carol Burnett Show. I keep a handwritten note from her in a frame on my desk.

23. My favorite quote is “Laughter is carbonated sanctity” by Ann Lamott.

24. My husband and I have been keeping bees for more than eight years.

25. I try to write a poem every morning. It feeds my soul.