Beta Version to Bring ‘Metro Royale’ Mode to PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile’s beta version 1.1 has been released. The released version brings a new mode called Metro Royale. This mod is a new part of the collaboration with the Metro Exodus game announced in August.

A new beta version has been released for PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular mobile games of recent years. The published beta version reveals the upcoming innovations to the game. According to the information in the beta version and update notes of the beta version, PUBG Mobile players are waiting for some great innovations in the near future.

PUBG Mobile’s 1.1 beta version shows that an announcement made in August is about to be true. As the fans of PUBG Mobile will remember, the developer team showed that they collaborated with the popular game Metro Exodus in their statements at that time, and that they will offer important innovations to the players in this cooperation. Here the next version of PUBG Mobile will have a new game mode called “Metro Royale”.

According to the update notes of PUBG Mobile’s 1.1 coded beta version, the Metro Royale mode will have features that will affect players. With this mode, players will have the opportunity to meet new maps, preconfigured weapon and equipment options, a new weapon called Tikhar and some new challenges.

XDA members shared their experiences by saying that they have installed the new beta version of PUBG Mobile. The team members say that the Metro Royale mode is inspired by the mobile game Badlanders. In this context, players will seek to gain more loot by killing more opponents. Moreover, XDA members, who say that the most critical point of the mod is to increase the loot obtained by converting them into money, say that the armor level and backpack have increased to the 6th level, which will be different from the PUBG experience we are used to.

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Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile’s upcoming update won’t just bring Metro Royale mode to the game. The normal version of the game will also have some innovations with this update. In this context, players will regain the winter mode with the new version. In addition, the steel traps that have been in PUBG for a while will now be able to experience in PUBG Mobile. In addition, with the new version, owned equipment can be thrown at a nearby opponent.

PUBG Mobile officials also released a promotional video about the Metro Royale mode as part of the announcement in August. That video, which did not escape the attention of the actors, was showered with interaction and excited many gamers. Now let’s leave you with the promotional video.


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