Beta Update Bringing Many Innovations to Among Us


Among Us, the most popular game of recent times and played by millions, received the October beta update. This update, which is released in beta version only for the PC platform, brings some innovations with it.

Among Us, which first debuted in 2018 but has increased its popularity recently, has now overtaken many games in the instant player count on Steam. The sudden popularization of the game naturally increased the burden on developer InnerSloth, and the team stated that they are working on a new update.

While there are no official patch notes yet, players have made a list of new features and changes that will come with the update. These include many innovations that will improve the gaming experience for colorblind gamers, such as changes to the cable mission, voting anonymously, and making the taskbar appear only at certain times. It can be argued that both of these changes theoretically facilitate the detection of imposter (fraudulent).

InnerSloth is working on many innovations:

Developer studio InnerSloth, which released the new update for the beta version of the game, stated that it is considering a number of major changes to the game, including turning them into “guardian angels” to give dead players something to do. The studio recently canceled the Among Us 2 project to focus on and further develop the original game.

This released beta update is currently only available on the PC platform, and you need to subscribe to the beta test version of the game to access it. To get the beta version of Among Us, you can follow these steps:

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Find the game in your Steam library and right click it.

Select Properties and click on the ‘Betas’ tab in the upper right corner of the window that opens.
Select ‘Public beta’ from ‘Select the beta you want to enter’ and close the tab.


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