Beta good news for Arms from Adobe


Adobe has released Photoshop Arm beta versions for both Windows and macOS. These beta releases will allow you to run Photoshop on devices such as the Microsoft Surface Pro X or Apple’s new M1-powered MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac.

Photoshop Arm beta versions available to users

According to the information shared by a Twitter user named Jeremy Sinclair, Adobe explained in a support article that a beta version of Photoshop is now supported for Windows and macOS Arm devices. For now, it is stated that new features will be added in the coming weeks for the version, which can only be accessed from the beta tab of the Creative Cloud desktop application. Sinclair also shared information on how to set up the app. Twitter user, who also exhibited the limitations of the version, stated that when he tried to open a video file, he received the error “DynamicLink is not available”. This error is predicted to come because it is undoubtedly in beta.


On the other hand, Adobe has not made a statement about when other Creative Cloud applications will migrate to Arm64. The beta versions of Photoshop for both Windows and macOS are expected to perform very well, especially when Apple will release its first Arm-supported Macs. On the other hand, many tools will be offered incomplete due to the beta version of the application. For example, many features such as fill, patch tool, healing brush will not be available in the beta version.

In addition to Photoshop, Blizzard also announced that World of Warcraft will run on new Arm-supported Macs.


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