Best and Worst Crypto Projects List Published


The China Information and Industry Development Center (CCID) has released the list on which it evaluates crypto projects as the country continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic. A total of 37 crypto projects were evaluated in the last list. These cryptocurrencies are in three different categories and overall ranking is also made.

CCID released its latest ranking update on Friday. The previous ranking was the last report of the same 37 projects evaluated in February. Center; In addition to the overall ranking, he evaluated crypto projects in three additional categories: basic technology, applicability and creativity.

First in EOS General List
This month, EOS is at the top of the overall ranking, followed by TRON and ETHEREUM. EOS got 105.6 points from basic technology, 29.1 points from creativity and 21.4 points from applicability. This allowed it to rank first with 156.1 points in total.

Bitcoin Falls Back 3 Ranks
However, Bitcoin Cash rose from 34th to 31st, while Bitcoin (BTC) fell from 11th to 14th. Despite this, BTC reached the top in the creativity category with 42.4 points.

37 projects were evaluated in three sub-categories as in previous updates. In the first sub-category, basic technology, EOS tops the list, followed by TRON and IOST. Ethereum takes the first place in applicability, the second sub-category. Then comes Tron and Nebulas. For creativity, the last subcategory, BTC scored significantly higher than other crypto projects, followed by EOS and Ethereum.

IOTA took the last place with the new report. The reason for this decline may be the hacking of the Trinity wallet and the network being closed for 1 month.

Top 5:

  • EOS (156.1 points)
  • TRON (138.4 points)
  • Ethereum (136.4 points)
  • Lisk (121.2 points)
  • IOST (118.5 points)

Worst 5:

  • IOTA (72.9 points)
  • Decred (76.2 points)
  • Bytecoin (77.3 points)
  • NANO (79.9 points)
  • Litecoin (80.2 points)

The rankings are compiled by the CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute, an entity established by CCID. Evaluation studies are carried out in cooperation with various organizations such as CCID think tank and China Software Evaluation Center. “The result of this assessment is that the CCID group will provide better technical consultancy services for government agencies, business ventures, research institutes and technology developers,” says the center.


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