Best TV shows Netflix left us in 2020


Netflix released a slate of new movies, TV shows and documentaries even amid the pandemic, while adding 28 million paid Netflix memberships in the span of nine months.

While 2020 was an uneven year for the big screen, it saw a wide variety of TV shows boasting a promising premise. Here are our picks for the best Netflix TV shows of the year.

The Umbrella Academy

The live-action series adaptation of Gerard Way-Gabriel Bá’s Dark Horse Comics series on Netflix, The Umbrella Academy season 2 on Netflix has more forceful performances and a more succinct narrative execution than its predecessor.

The most recent season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix offers a lot of excitement and promise as it loses the plot wit and the confusing motivations of the characters that dominated much of season 1.

Anne With An E

Loosely based on the Anne of Green Gables book series by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Season 3 of Anne With An E on Netflix continues Anne’s (Amybeth McNulty) wild journey.

The general message that resonates through Netflix’s Anne With An E season 3 is the idea of ​​love despite differences, or rather, especially in the midst of differences, while fighting oppressive structures that try to subjugate and oppress.

The Crown

Roasted in narrative skill and execution, it can be argued that season 4 of Netflix’s The Crown is the best of the series (thus far), as it is more self-contained and carefully crafted, and infinitely more entertaining.

The Queen’s Gambit

The success behind Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit is undoubtedly due to the realistic depiction of chess and skillful storytelling, but the true heart of the show lies in the story of an imperfect loser who manages to break the glass ceiling on the sheer merit of his talent.


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