Best thinking games to exercise your brain in quarantine


Brain Out, CodyCross – Crossword Puzzle and Wooden Blocks Game are some examples of games to stimulate thinking in this time of quarantine. During recommended isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), mental exercises can be very beneficial. TechTudo has prepared a list of eight thinking games available for Android and iOS (iPhone) to exercise your brain during this period.

The titles involve mental challenges as in Einstein’s Riddle, Train your brain – Thinking Games and Brain Out. There are also puzzles like Numpuz and Unblock Ball. The games are recommended for people of all ages and have different levels of challenges. All listed are free, some with the option of paying to have more options of stages or benefits as tips.

1. Connected Words
Available for Android and iOS, Palavras Conectadas offers challenges that involve thinking and improving vocabulary. In it, you can train your Portuguese in different mini-games like crosswords or word guessing. There are more than four thousand levels with different modes and simple gameplay. Those who like challenges with time can play with the timer activated, and it is also possible to play without time limit, opting for a more relaxing experience.

2. Brain Out
Brain Out is a game with several logic challenges available for Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC (Windows). There are several levels with questions or riddles that, at first glance, may seem simple. However, there is always some “catch” that serves to test the player’s attention and insight. This is a game that seeks to stimulate creative thinking and the search for “out of the box” solutions. If you are not able to pass any level, the user can choose the system of tips.

3. Wooden Blocks Game
Demanding concentration and logical thinking, the Wooden Blocks Game is a classic challenge and a lot of fun for the whole family. The goal is to fit the different blocks on a 10×10 board, filling in the rows or columns to eliminate them. The main objective of the game is to eliminate the maximum number of rows and columns until there is no more space for new blocks. Available for Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC (Windows).

4. Numpuz: Classic Number Games and Puzzles
Those who like challenges involving numbers can download the game Numpuz, available for Android. This is a puzzle of dragging pieces in which the player must unscramble the numbers, putting them in order. It offers six levels of difficulty, starting with 3×3 puzzles for children or beginners and going up to 8×8 challenges that should only be faced by the most experienced.

5. Unblock Ball – Block Puzzle
In Unblock Ball, the goal is to organize the pieces of wood to allow the ball to reach the goal. In addition to metallic pieces that cannot be changed, there is also the extra challenge of trying to collect the three stars along the way. Currently, the Android game has more than 300 levels, which become more and more challenging as the user progresses.

6. Einstein’s Riddle – Logic Riddle Game
Einstein’s Enigma is one of the most famous logic challenges of all time. In the Einstein’s Riddle app, this puzzle is available for Android, fully adapted to play on your phone. Upon receiving the initial hints, the player must use logical thinking and elimination to discover which characteristics belong to each person. The game offers more than two thousand riddles with difficulties ranging from novice to professional.

7. CodyCross – Crosswords
From the same creators of the popular Stop, this crossword puzzle will test your reasoning and knowledge. The player must read the tips to try to find the words in each position. When passing through each level in CodyCross, the user progresses on the map, which is presenting ever greater challenges. The goal is to go as far as possible in order to exceed your friends’ progress.

8. Train your brain – Thinking Games
Those looking for variety may like the Android application Train your brain – Thinking Games. It has different challenges of logical and mathematical reasoning that also involve visual association, motor skills and concentration. Through a simple and intuitive interface, the game offers puzzles for people of all ages, designed with the supervision of doctors and specialists in neuropsychology.


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