Best simple phone to buy for less than $ 300


Want help buying a simple phone just for essential tasks? TudoCelular lists some interesting options here, and we also indicate which version is the most complete that you can find for little money.

If you are not interested in full-featured smartphones or are looking for a simple cell phone for a relative, we have options here that please everyone and even the elderly.

Unlike our other guides that we list models that were analyzed by us, these models mentioned here are not much to analyze. After all, they are basic cell phones that bring one or another feature as a differential. But it is precisely these differentials that we quote on our list.

Positive P70S

If you want the most complete for less than R $ 300, it is the Positivo P70S that you must choose. It has a screen with the same size and resolution as the P28; the difference is in the operating system, the Kai OS. This allows you to offer some apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Google Maps. There’s even Google Assistant with a dedicated button.

It has 4 GB of storage and also supports micro SD. Unfortunately, the camera is only VGA and only serves to break a branch. Its battery is the largest of the aforementioned models, but as it has a more advanced system with GPS running in the background, it lasts much less than the most basic ones, but it yields more than a day in peace.

There is also an app store with more than 100 options to download, including games, books, utilities and apps geared towards health, sports and lifestyle.