Best Shooter: Miles Teller from Maverick Reacted to His Shirtless Dance Going Viral


There were some incredible fighter fights in the original Best Shooter movie, but if there’s one scene that everyone really remembers, it could be a shirtless volleyball scene. In the same vein, while Top Gun: Maverick is praised for its practical actions, many fans are also talking about the beach soccer scene, and one moment of Miles Teller dancing goes viral as a GIF.

Speaking to Extra about his other new film, which was also directed by Joseph Kosinski, Spiderbait from Netflix, Teller says that a little dance move is something he and some friends have been known to do from time to time just for fun. He certainly had no idea it would go viral, because he didn’t know this move made it into the movie until he saw it. Teller explains…

This is really a dance that my buddies and I did when everyone was dancing very seriously. It was always something we did to break the ice a little bit. I didn’t even know that the camera was on me at that moment.

Apparently, there’s something about shirtless dudes in the Best Shooter movies. Of course, this scene exists as a kind of homage to the volleyball scene, but if that was all, it probably wouldn’t have attracted so much attention the second time.

If Miles Teller didn’t know that the camera was on him, then it shows how much fun the actors enjoyed filming the episode “dogfight”. No one starts dancing on the beach alone if they are not in a good mood. The scene was meant to bring the characters closer together in the story, and it looks like it worked well for the actors as well.

While it’s too early to say whether the beach soccer scene or specifically Miles Teller’s dance move will stand the test of time like the beach volleyball scene, the fact that “Best Shooter: Maverick” has become a huge box office hit in itself certainly indicates that the film will be remembered. If that happens, Teller certainly doesn’t mind it, as he says…

We will be this Top Gun. Hopefully you’ll get a cult moment or two.

Miles Teller may have two iconic moments when all is said and done. In addition to his memorable beach scene, he also taught himself how to play the classic Jerry Lee Lewis song “Great Fireballs” on the piano, which apparently turned out to be harder than he expected.

Miles Teller’s dance moment is sweeping the internet for now, and while it probably won’t last too long before the next meme replaces it, fans will probably remember it every time they watch Top Gun: Maverick again.