Best Shooter: Maverick was a phenomenon at the box office. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Thinks Marvel May Be the Reason


“The Best Shooter: Maverick” became a hit this summer, and it seems that no one expected it. Maverick is breaking records around the world and has received widespread critical acclaim. The success sparked a discussion about the state of the film business and the revival of cinemas in the conditions of COVID, as well as speculation about why the film attracted viewers so much. Well, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has his own theory about why Tom Cruise’s latest film has become such a phenomenon, and, in his opinion, it may be related to the Marvel cinematic universe.

The legendary producer shared his thoughts in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Giving his explanation, he acknowledged how popular Marvel and DC are among moviegoers, but suggested that viewers can count on something that relies more on practical effects. In his own words:

Viewers love Marvel, they love DC stuff. They are beautifully made by really talented people. Sometimes you want to see something real, and that’s what Top Gun gave us… These aviators are now defending our country, flying all over the world, and you are going with them. You see what they do, you see what their life is like, and the trials and tribulations they have to go through. You actually experience it with our actors.”

Jerry Bruckheimer is most likely referring to the growing amount of computer graphics used in Marvel Studios films and others, and this is very different from Top Gun: Maverick’s commitment to practical effects. In this blockbuster, real fighters were used in many flight scenes, and Tom Cruise and Co. he underwent intensive flight training to perform many episodes. The combat scenes were so intense and real that Miles Teller admitted that he was sick because of the extreme overload created during the stunts with the plane.

Perhaps, as Jerry Bruckheimer suggests, viewers need a little break from computer graphics, and they were attracted to “The Best Shooter: Maverick” because of a more down-to-earth approach. The use of practical effects was very reminiscent of the filmmaking styles of the past and could even cause the audience to feel nostalgic.

CGI fatigue is widely discussed among filmmakers and fans these days. Marvel star Mark Ruffalo even commented on the heavy use of computer graphics and how difficult it can be for actors.

Top Gun: Maverick has certainly been a success in many ways. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on movie theaters across the country, the future of theatrical releases seemed bleak, especially given the rapid growth of streaming platforms. However, the long-awaited sequel has certainly defied all odds, becoming an instant success that can’t seem to stop making money. Jerry Bruckheimer & Co. most likely, they are happy that Maverick can’t stop making money at the box office, but I’m sure they are also just happy that a blockbuster with a classic atmosphere has made a lot of noise.

Only time will tell if other studios will pay attention to the use of practical effects of Top Gun: Maverick, but in the meantime, the film can be viewed in cinemas across the country and around the world. To find out more about other films coming out in theaters and being broadcast this year, you can check out our movie schedule for 2022.


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