Best Shooter: Maverick Director Explains the Extreme Scene that Navy Pilot Tom Cruise Said He Would Never Repeat Again


“The Best Shooter: Maverick” has been the most successful film on the 2022 movie schedule so far, as it has attracted many viewers to the cinema to witness the spectacle of high-flying planes and deadly action. While Cruz is famous and performs most of his stunts, there was one scene in “Maverick” where a Navy pilot flew over him on the track. When they finished filming, the pilot said he didn’t want to do it anymore.

Joseph Kosinski explained to Empire that the most extreme scene they shot in the film was the Maverick’s rapid flight through the mountains during training. Pilots have to go through a low and winding path very quickly. To prove that this is possible, Maverick ends up flying around the track. From the very beginning, it was decided that these flights would be practical, and everything we see on the screen comes from “practical aircraft flying in front of the lens,” as air coordinator Kevin LaRosa Jr. said. So, for this scene, real Navy pilot Frank “Wallace” Weisser flew the course with Cruise in the back seat. He elaborated on the technical complexity of the sequence, saying:

The Top Gun stunt pilots risking their lives for Tom Cruise

It was the most extreme thing we shot in the movie, just in terms of the practicality of what you see on the screen. It’s all in the camera, it’s Tom Cruise at 550 knots flying 30 feet above the ground through a low-level Toyabe training ground [Canyon]. This is a real training for the best shooters, but they never fly as low as he does. After they landed, Wally came up to me and said: “Do you understand?” I said, “Yes, I think we did it.”

In other words, they flew low and fast, and in a way they never do in real naval exercises. So it is quite logical that the pilot did not want to do it again, it seems that it was a serious and dangerous test both physically and mentally. Meanwhile, Kosinski explained that Cruz is having a great time, saying:

He would have done it 100 more times! Actually, I smile because when I watch this episode, he winces because of the G, but I know that under the mask he smiles most of it because he’s having a great time in his life.

Cruz is definitely committed to the art of great action movies. In the “Mission Impossible” movies, he hangs on the outside of a taking-off plane, jumps from roof to roof and much more, raising the stakes each time. So it makes sense that in the long-awaited sequel to “The Best Shooter”, Cruz had a lot of fun creating these incredible scenes.


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