Best Shooter: Glen Powell from Maverick recalls eating after finally shooting a shirtless beach scene and the bad news they got right after


Top Gun: Maverick is a wonderful combination of nostalgia and new scenarios. One scene that shows this best is a viral shirtless soccer scene between Maverick and his young students. One of those colleagues who took part in this scene was the star of the film Glen Powell. Of course, everyone in the scene was sculpted and ready for the beach. According to Powell, looking like the Greek gods was harder than you think. After filming the infamous scene, he remembered how he and the actors ate and immediately received bad news.

The Maverick breakout star talked about what it was like to shoot a shirtless beach scene for USA Today (opens in new tab). He recalled that the day before the shooting, he and his male colleagues were doing sports in the gym and eating protein. Powell even mentioned all the guys who “pumped up for the last time” before playing soccer on the beach. Of course, everything went off without a hitch for millions of viewers. But all this disappeared after filming, much to the delight of the actor of “Hidden Figures”. The actors had to have a snack after months of restrictive diets and rigorous training. Unfortunately, the release was slightly overshadowed by some unpleasant news.

We lived it. Then we get a call right after dinner. It was like, “We have an atmosphere, but we need more. We’ll have to reshoot in a couple of weeks.”

What a wonderful way to burst someone’s food bubble. Imagine going into a food coma only to be told they need more footage to finish the expected Top Gun: Maverick scene. One might think that the actors must have felt something after learning this news, but it didn’t affect them. Powell recalled the group’s casual reaction to the unpleasant news with potatoes.

That’s when we ate more potatoes than a person has ever eaten.

At least the news didn’t stop the actors from enjoying their meal. There is nothing more enjoyable than eating hot potatoes before returning to their intense workouts and diets. It seemed to work, as there was no sign of the toddlers feasting on their well-oiled shirtless bodies in their football match.

It would have been impossible to see Glen Powell’s toned body in the high-flying sequel if he had refused the role of the Executioner after he was replaced by a Rooster. Of course, Tom Cruise insisted that he accept the role, which led to him accepting the offer. He wouldn’t be able to see in real time Cruz’s willingness to go forward. But the words of the Hollywood veteran also helped him determine the trajectory of his career.

If you want to watch a football scene without a T-shirt in real time, watch Top Gun: Maverick in any cinema. The sequel is still setting new records a few weeks after its release. In the meantime, you can see what other action movies will come out in 2022.