Best Shooter: Director Maverick Told Which Scene From The Tom Cruise Sequel Was The Hardest to Shoot


Top Gun: Maverick shouldn’t have worked as well as it did by all past standards when it comes to legacy sequels. It was a sequel released almost four decades after the original. However, from the initial reception to the wide release, “Maverick” turned out to be a sequel that has everything you want from a blockbuster. Part of what attracted moviegoers to movie theaters in droves was the willingness of an action movie with Tom Cruise to make efforts that major franchises often don’t waste time on. The director of the film, Joseph Kosinski, spoke about the efforts made to the film and told which of the scenes was the most difficult to implement in the sequel of the blockbuster, and this is not the scene that you probably guessed right away.

In an interview with The Wrap, Kosinski said that although it took years to plan and stage complex aerial scenes, it was a much more seemingly simple frame that was the hardest to capture. It’s about the scene where Penny (played by Jennifer Connelly) takes Maverick on her boat.

This sequence was in some ways the hardest to get because it was pretty much out of our control. We rely on the wind to make the sequence great, and we had to look for the wind. I think the audience feels this effort when they watch the movie. That’s why I think people are reacting to it because it wasn’t filmed on stage. It was a film in which we went out and tried to capture as much as possible for real. And you feel it when you watch it.

And the audience reacted to it. “Best Shooter: Maverick” had an impressive box office. The film opened at number 1 and remained in the top ten for an almost unheard-of 20 weeks, becoming the fifth most profitable domestic release of all time. The film broke the Paramount record and became the highest-grossing hit in Tom Cruise’s career.

His obvious moviegoers were attracted by the director’s insistence on capturing as many real shots from the air as possible (and in this case sea scenes). This meant that the actors had to work as cameramen in the cockpit for many scenes from the air, which gave the film a sense of life and weight that is hardly seen in summer blockbusters these days. Unsurprisingly, the high-octane film exceeded $1 billion and became a worldwide phenomenon.

The only question is, what’s next with the franchise? Is a third “Best Shooter” possible after such a warm reception from the public and broken box office records? Well, Maverick star Miles Teller says that he and Tom Cruise discussed it, and Jay Ellis also talked about four things that the Maverick actors would like to see in the third film. At the moment, another Top Gun seems like an easy task for the studio and the stars. If “The Best Shooter 3” does come out, let’s hope that the filmmakers won’t have to face the same difficult scene as on Penny’s boat. No one likes to wait for Mother Nature to take her picture!

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