Best-Selling TV Box Of Malware, Says Anatel


TV Box: The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), in partnership with the Brazilian Pay TV Association (ABTA), found malware on HTV, the best-selling pirate TV Box in Brazil. The action is by the TV Box Working Group, created by Anatel to analyze the IPTV devices available in the country.

The website Tele.Síntese obtained an exclusive interview with Wilson Wellisch, superintendent of inspection at Anatel. According to the findings, HTV has malicious software that connects to an unknown server without the user’s permission.

Furthermore, user data is sent to this server without any consent. This information is captured at every stage of content transmission — which is nothing more than an illegal redistribution of pay-TV programming.

What’s the problem?

The malware analyzed by the TV Box Working Group has the ability to take control of the HTV device, even if it doesn’t. According to Wilson Wellisch, it connects to a botnet that can perform DDoS attacks — a malicious operation that can make a service unavailable.

“We verified the possibility, through a command and control server, for the botnet to take control of the TV Box and to carry out DDoS attacks. As there is a lot of this equipment distributed, they can be used to take down websites, including public services”, Wellisch told Tele.Síntese.