Best selling phone in the US, China and the UK?


Figures emerge about the best selling phones every month. Some smartphones come to the fore with camera performance, while some phones can stand out because they offer very high performance for their price. In addition to these, there are many variables such as game playing performance, battery life and so on. So, according to a recently published statistic, which phones did smartphone users in the US, China and UK prefer? Which is the best selling phone model?

Which is the best selling phone model?

iOS and Android users vary by country. Especially in the USA and Europe, while the superiority of iOS is felt, there is a significant increase in Android phone users towards Asian countries. Although this seems to cause Android to be the most used and popular operating system worldwide on the statistics side, it still seems that things have started to change a little.

Some new statistics shared by research firm Counterpoint show that the dominance of iPhones will not die out anytime soon. Explaining which models of 8 countries prefer smart phones in total, the company reveals the dominance of Apple.

When we look at the USA, we see that the iPhone 11 family has an important advantage. When we look at the top 5 most sold smartphone models in the USA, we see that the iPhone 11 takes the first place with 16 percent.

It is followed by technology giant Samsung, Galaxy A10e with a 6 percent share in second place. In the third row, the Samsung Galaxy A20 comes out again. The fourth and fifth phone models, respectively; iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Actually, it’s not surprising. Apple has been making its mark on the US side for years. Let’s talk about user preferences in the UK. Although the wind of Samsung and Huawei has been blowing in Europe for a while, according to new statistics, this wind seems to have cut sharply.

Because Apple’s iPhone 11 ranks first with 12 percent sales. Having a common percentage with 5 percent in the second, third and fourth place; iPhone XR, iPhone SE and iPhone 7. In fifth place is the Samsung Galaxy A71.

Let’s get to the numbers in China. There are hundreds of brands in China and the percentiles published are indeed small. According to the figures, even in China, iPhone 11 ranks first with 4 percent. Next, it is followed by the Oppo A8, Huawei Honor 9X, Vivo Y3 with 3 percent, followed by the Huawei Mate 30 5G with 2 percent.


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