Best selling console PS Vita in Japan


Sony’s portable console, which has been discontinued and received official technical service, remains the preferred option in the buying and selling market.

PlayStation Vita is the best-selling console on the second-hand market in Japan. A report published by Famitsu that evaluates the sales of used products on eBay Japan from April to June 2020 shows that Sony’s latest portable console – which was discontinued last year – continues to be the preferred option for Japanese gamers. There is no other alternative to getting a PS Vita other than the sale.

The second option is PSP, Sony’s first console in the portable market. The bronze is left by Nintendo DS Lite, which is assumed to be the preferred option within the four existing models of the Nintendo DS family in Japan. It is the smallest and the most stylized, in addition to being backward compatible with GameBoy Advance; feature that Nintendo DSi and its XL version lost in subsequent years.

Speculation: buy low and sell at a higher price

However, the Famitsu report (translated by Ryokutya and Siliconera), adds an interesting fact, the current price of the console. “On eBay, the PS Vita costs about $ 155; but in Japan, in the market or in buying and selling apps, it can be found for less than 8,000 yen [about $ 75 at the exchange rate], so it’s easy to profit from it, “says eBay Japan manager, Ayako Hayashi, in reference to buyers who get cheap PS Vitas to sell them at a higher price on eBay.

In Spain, to be more exact, a PS Vita on the second-hand market ranges between 100 and 200 euros; It depends on the model, condition (if it has a box or not) or if it has a memory card, which are proprietary and their prices are for another additional item.


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