Best Science Fiction Series on HBO Max (September 2022)


This is especially true of the sci-fi genre, as there are plenty of amazing shows to choose from on HBO Max. From children’s shows to space epics and everything in between, the streaming service gives fans access to some of the best sci-fi series available online. Here are some of the best shows that viewers can watch on HBO Max.

Station ElevenHBO Max has really established itself as a reliable and entertaining streaming service. Offering a lot of great movies, fascinating TV series and some solid original programs, fans usually get what they pay for when it comes to HBO Max. There are many genres that should appeal to almost everyone who is looking for something that is not on traditional television.

HBO Max Link Station Eleven Number of episodes 10

HBO Max has some very good original programs, and “Station Eleven” is one of the best sci-fi offerings. This is a post-apocalyptic adventure with a twist, turning from a traditional “survivalist against the new world” into something more personal and exciting.

The plot unfolds in a world devastated by the flu pandemic, which caused a post-apocalyptic scenario in which groups of survivors are trying to preserve civilization. One particular group works as traveling artists, and everything seems to be fine until they come into contact with a crazy cult. To further inflame the situation, it seems that the leader has connections with a specific person in the group. This is an exciting mini-series that should keep viewers on their toes.

HBO Max Link Fringe Number of Episodes 100

Taking the formula of the “X-Files” as a basis and replacing the aliens with parallel universes, “The Edge” went out the gate, but eventually found its place in the second season. At its core, it is a procedural process revolving around the study of strange phenomena that cannot be explained using conventional hypotheses. at least in its early stages. At one time, The Edge turned into an ambitious sci-fi epic, in which priority was given to consistent storytelling and character development, and almost all of its main characters changed significantly over the course of the series.

Intelligent, exciting and superbly played, “The Edge” is an exciting show that lures viewers into numerous universes riddled with intrigues, dangers and discoveries. All five seasons are available on HBO Max, and every moment is important in the series.

HBO Max Link Person of Interest Number of Episodes 103

What if crimes could have been prevented before they were committed? This concept has intrigued science fiction for decades, giving way to a number of great stories such as Psycho-Pass and Minority Report. Interesting people deserve to be mentioned alongside these great people.

A billionaire named Harold Finch has created a machine that gives out a number associated with a future crime that may occur. To prevent such incidents, Finch recruits John Reese, a former CIA operative who has seen better days. Together they investigate these cases to determine if intervention is necessary. Raising fascinating ethical questions, offering fantastic actions and unforgettable characters, the “Interesting Face” is smart, accessible and fascinating. The cast is also on top, including Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, Taraji P. Henson and Amy Acker.

Babylon 5

HBO Max Link Babylon 5 Number of episodes 110

In five seasons, Babylon 5 has become an ambitious addition to the field of science fiction. The space station serves as a neutral hub where races from across the universe can meet in peaceful discussions. More importantly, Babylon 5 seeks to inspire harmony between these diverse groups in an attempt to create a force capable of resisting the threads of Shadows. The show touches on a wide range of topics and concepts, including order versus chaos and free will.

Along with innovative computer graphics for its time, “Babylon 5” by J. Michael Strazhinsky is masterfully written, especially during the first four seasons. The series helped create multi-season storylines that greatly changed and elevated television entertainment in general.

Fatal Patrol

HBO Max Link Doom Patrol Number of episodes 34

HBO Max has an impressive selection of DC live performances, whether it’s Superman and Lois, Guardians or Titans. In the streaming service’s comic book catalog, none of them illuminates the surreal and bizarre in the way that “Fatal Patrol” does.

A show about outcasts experiencing deep psychological scars pushes aside superhero-style actions to focus on the main characters, each of whom is growing (or regressing) as the plot develops. Smart streets, live robots and meta—villains are just some of the things that populate the world of Doom Patrol, which makes it unpredictable and constantly interesting.

Made for Love

HBO Max Link Made For Love Number of Episodes 16

Concluding its second season on May 19, 2022, the series “Created for Love” is a black comedy about obsession, control and manipulation.


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