Best programs to record your PC screen


Saving the PC screen has become essential these days. From a video lesson to a gameplay recording, there are several moments when you need to capture everything that is being done and displayed on your computer screen.

To help you with this task, check out a list of the best software to capture and record the screen on your Windows.

OBS Studio

The famous free video streaming software OBS Studio is one of the best alternatives for those who want to capture on the PC. The software allows, among many functions, to capture the entire screen of your monitor, a certain part of it, or even a specific window.

Another great advantage of OBS is to configure other devices for this capture. For example, it is possible to configure the recording of the screen next to a webcam, and to microphones to capture the audio, all within the same generated video.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a hand in hand for those who want to not only take screenshots, but also edit the videos afterwards. The free software brings together a good range of options for recording the images being displayed.

Its editing interface is somewhat reminiscent of other software for professional use, such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut. Which may be good for more experienced users, however, a little complex for those who are not used to these programs.


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