The best photos of V without makeup


Idols always show incredible outfits and looks in every presentation or comeback. Some dye their hair, wear colored pupils, eye-catching clothing and various hair styles, but fans appreciate it when they are seen in nature, as they can better appreciate their features and those characteristics that make them unique.

V usually uses contact lenses, but when he does not use make up, his features stand out more, such as the tearing of his eyes, his Chinese, among others. We leave you a list with 5 photos of Taehyung looking incredibly cute without needing to fix himself.

Handsome boy
Without makeup, V’s features stand out even more, making him show off his natural beauty, which stands out when he uses make up.

One of the features of V that stands out the most when he is not wearing make up are his eyes, which show off the natural tear that he has, one of his most beautiful characteristics.

When he is in home mode and is shown on camera without makeup, Taehyung’s hair lets out his curlers, something that makes him look cute.

Skin Care
Undoubtedly, idols take great care of their skin and V has demonstrated it when they have traveled, without makeup, the idol boasts clean skin that allows them to appreciate their natural features.

But without a doubt, not wearing makeup makes V look much younger than he is and gives him that tender look that characterizes him.