Best Music Bots for Discord! Details


In addition to allowing you to chat with your friends, Discord is an application that can be enhanced by adding custom bots. Once you’ve found the best servers and joined a voice channel, you can put any song on it!

In the links above you can find our tutorials for installing bots and joining new servers, and now we bring you five suggestions of the best music bots for you to stir up your conversations even more, remembering that you can find them all on the Discord Bot List website. Check out our selection below:


For those looking for an extremely popular and functional bot, which goes online without problems most of the time, Groovy is a good choice. It is available in free and premium versions, and in the premium it lets the player add sound effects to the songs, in addition to being online 24 hours a day. He can play just about every song on YouTube.


Another exclusively musical bot that is successful and is always among the most downloaded. Among its main advantages we have a tool that presents the lyrics of the songs that are being played on the screen, the possibility of putting together a customized playlist.


While the two bots above are only available in English, Hydra has 10 different languages. By far the most beautiful bot with the most elegant interface, it goes beyond YouTube and has integration with Soundcloud and Spotify, with a strong and online structure 24 hours a day.

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