Best moments where BTS shows off his personality


Get to know the true personality of BTS when they interact with others. The boys of BigHit have achieved great status in their musical career, being a very popular group in K-pop, especially in the United States. Their personality has made the ARMY fall in love, as they have tried to be as honest with them, they have even revealed their fears or difficult moments, because despite being famous they are also human beings.

On several occasions the boys have shown how their way of being behind the scenes, although they have a facet on stage and in interviews they behave professionally, in real life they are people full of qualities and virtues that they do not hesitate to express when they are try to help others.

Although idols have an image that they give when they are working and in front of the cameras, their behavior and way of being with the people around them is nothing more than kindness, attention and good manners. We leave you a list with 5 Moments where BTS showed their true personality and showed that fame has not transformed them, because their humility and good heart are enormous.

Being the youngest has made Jungkook a kind and well-mannered person. The idol has shown that despite achieving fame at such a young age, he retains his humility and his sense to help others. At an event BTS participated in, the maknae helped the staff pick up trash from the stage.

It has also been shown to be shared with his peers and to buy drinks for everyone or food in the shows he has filmed.


Taehyung has shown that he cares a lot about others and cares about the welfare of others before his own. BTS often causes a stir upon arrival at airports, but the crowds of fans and reporters often get in their way, although other people also suffer injuries.

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The idol proved to be very attentive when a girl was scared and did not leave the place until he saw his in his mother’s arms, he also offered his hand to a reporter so that she would not fall.


The Golden Maknae is full of attention and good manners, from buying food for the staff where he records shows, to being sociable and friendly with the people around him. During the reality show Bon Voyage not only did he become friends with a little boy whom he waved, he also showed his support for a local artist who played on the street and decided to support his with a small donation.
Without a doubt, Jungkook is a calm boy and willing to give you a hello.


Jin and Jungkook
The boys have also shown to be very willing to help others, the oldest and youngest of BTS helped to set up the stage during an awards show, because they know that the staff is constantly on the move so that everything goes well during the presentations and they helped them to put some lights that were badly arranged.


BTS appeared on a special show and did a great job that shows their humility and great heart. The group visited a community with limited resources, brought food and also helped to remodel the houses so that the families could have a decent home. Despite being great stars and millionaires, goodness is in their way of being.


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