The best memes about the Parallel Universe that …


Stephen Hawking, one of the smartest men in the world, has always defended the existence of other universes and NASA has confirmed this: there is another parallel universe.

The University of Hawaii was commissioned to reveal the research carried out by NASA in collaboration with the Antarctic Impulse Transient Antenna, a device that detects cosmic rays on Earth and anomalies were detected in some rays that gave off other types of energy and had a behavior very different from the known one, reason why they reinforce the theory of an alternate reality.

According to the report, time in that world runs backwards, defying the laws of current physics. Some users are amazed by the new surprises of 2020, but they also have many memes about the situation.

Some have compared the situation with his love life, references to movies, music videos, among others:

Among the shared memes, there are also those who joked about the predictions of The Simpsons in the chapter of “The little house of horror 6, where Homer travels through another dimension. They have also shared photos of people who look like many Internet celebs. LOL

Recently, the Pentagon in the United States confirmed the veracity of 3 videos that captured unidentified flying objects, UFOs, and although they are not necessarily extraterrestrial, they explained that it was not a known plane or space vehicle.


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