Best iOS games list! – August 2020


We continue to write about the best iOS games we started last month. As in July, we present a list of the 5 best iOS games you should try out. The list includes both old and new games. Thanks to the top 5 iOS game recommendations we have included here, you will not have to search through millions of games in the App Store. Below is a list of the Top 5 iOS Games for August 2020.

Hill Climb Racing

You must have heard of this game for sure. It has stunning and soothing graphics and can be extremely addicting to play once you start playing. Our hero, Newton Bill, is an enthusiastic uphill racer, each on a quest to complete challenging levels of different terrains with increasing difficulty. Hill Climb Racing fits a little bit of physics. Your task is to drive the vehicle to get the highest score from start to finish of all levels. You have to avoid all the obstacles that could kill your racer, so be careful.

Zombie Frontier 3

A deadly vaccine mutated a virus that turns humans into walking dead zombies. Your mission is to escape the clutches of these zombies in a realistic survival FPS mode by killing and destroying zombies on the way. You have a full arsenal of weapons to fight the zombie apocalypse, from shotguns to AK47 and more. Live freely and use your strategy to escape from the site without getting caught or letting the zombies rule you. In Zombie Frontier 3, you can upgrade your weapons and equipment while advancing through difficult situations. There are over 60 missions to play, 2 DLC maps, 5 challenging bosses to defeat, and more.


Test your word-making skills with Stop, a turn-based word game that will get your senses pretty challenged. Pair up with your friend or find someone to play with via nicknames or Facebook. Choose a letter to start and list Countries, Addictive Things etc. Create words in 5 different categories including. The one with the most points wins the game. Unlock achievements as you progress through the game and collect XP points or perform more. You can play the game in many languages including French, Portuguese, German, Italian and others.

Cross Fingers

If you like puzzle games, you will love Cross Fingers. This giant tangram puzzle lets you slide and drag solid wood pieces. To complete a level, you must place the solid pieces where they should be. You can choose as many difficulty levels as you want, as there are 840 levels, each more complex than the previous one. You have to train your brain and imagination to get the blocks in the right position in order to continue. If you like challenges, choose Arcade Mode. Because in this survival mode you have to solve the tangram puzzle and pass the highest score as you progress.


If you know about atoms or want to learn something about them, try Atomas. This puzzle game, which is fun to play, allows you to create a variety of elements directly from hydrogen to helium or lithium using plus and minus atoms. Your task is to create Gold, Silver and other precious elements without putting anything disastrous to destroy the universe, your game will end there. The game contains 124 different atoms to create items with 4 different game modes and more. You will need a strategy to create valuable elements and get higher scores.


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