Best episodes for fans of the crime drama series


The CBS crime drama Criminal Minds was one of the most watched cable shows during its broadcast. None of the first nine seasons averaged less than 10 million viewers.


Criminal Minds had a tendency to change its main cast on a regular basis, but this never discouraged fans of the show from following it. In fact, the series was nominated for many awards, including three Emmy Awards.


Mr. Scratch

In episode 21 of Season 10 of Criminal Minds, the BAU captured three different killers who had killed a loved one. Two of the killers had similar descriptions of what led them to kill. They both claimed that they had been attacked by clawed monsters and had to react.


Surprisingly, the three killers were raised as adopted children in 1985 at the age of three. The team began delving into their stories to discover the common trigger that led them to become murderers.



Reid received an email from an anonymous person regarding Owen Quinn’s location. Owen was an FBI agent who wanted to join the BAU; and that he had resigned after breaking protocol to pursue an important case. Owen hadn’t been seen in the last year.


The BAU set out to find the motives of the sender of the email, so they questioned Oliver, who revealed that Owen had been held captive by a family known as the Stranglers; who had tortured him and only his adolescent son had been kind to him. However, additional evidence suggests that Oliver could be one of the Stranglers.



Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode 15 was all about serial killer drama, but with an interesting angle that reminded viewers why the show is so brilliant.


This time, it was about a religious fanatic named Tobias Hankle, who had a murder history and had kidnapped Dr. Spencer Reid and kept him inside a cabin in the woods.


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