Best Countries for Electric Car Use Announced


As the number of electric cars increased all over the world, it became more important which countries have sufficient and suitable charging stations for these vehicles. According to a study by a British company, Norway is the country best suited to the electric car.

As electric cars became more widespread, the anxiety of finding stations where people using these vehicles would charge their cars started to increase. Users are also curious about which countries have adopted the use of electric cars, and whether the charging station network has become widespread in these countries. Nobody wants to see car drivers who do not plan a vacation and find a station to charge their car every 200 kilometers.

A study by CarWow lists countries with a good network of electric car charging stations on their way. Creating a point system to conduct this research, CarWow compares countries that adopt electric vehicles and have a charging station network.

Norway is in the first place:
CarWow has set two parameters named ‘Electric Car Factor’ and ‘Tourism Factor’ to reveal the score of each country. The Electric Car Factor is made up of 4 components. These components include how many people in the country have their own electric vehicle, the number of electric vehicle charging stations, and the motorway network.

Among the components that determine the Tourism Factor are the number of places on the UNESCO World Heritage list in the country, being a popular tourist destination, and the area covered by the national parks in the country.

Considering all factors, Norway (10.6) was the highest scored among 27 European countries scored out of 20. Romania was at the end of the list with 0.5 points.

The top 10 countries where you can use the most comfortable electric car in Europe are as follows:
The government of most countries encourages citizens to drive electric cars for reasons such as climate change, pollution and global warming. The development of charging systems can enable people to get rid of gas-powered vehicles and switch to electric vehicles, allowing a more environmentally friendly option to be adopted.


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