The best Chinese dramas available on Netflix


If you think you’ve already scoured Netflix’s entire catalog of Korean dramas , then maybe it’s time to give the stories China is producing a try. Dramas across Asia are gaining a lot of ground and after seeing their strengths, Netflix increasingly includes more stories from those countries.

To further improve that offer, Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso working with different countries to create original series, involving the essence of those productions with the facilities offered by its platform.

If you are in search of a new drama, here we bring you some options that you can easily access, if you prefer a student story, a more mature romance or a story that reflects the chaos that life can be , keep reading, Well, one of these options will surely steal your attention.

Best of all, Netflix continues to refresh its catalog frequently , so we’ll surely have more stories as charming as these to brighten up our days to come. If you already saw one, tell us what you think, so you will motivate others to see it.

Well intended love
Xia Lin is an actress who is just beginning her career and, being diagnosed with leukemia agrees to marry a CEO in order to receive the treatment she needs and continue in search of her dream, not knowing that as their relationship progresses, both will get along. a surprise.

Accidentally in love
As an act of rebellion to her family, a wealthy girl poses as an ordinary student, while attending college she becomes close to a boy who has just returned to school and turns out to be a pop star who draws everyone’s attention to your surroundings.

A suicide attempt changes the lives of two young students who are classmates, while one of them is having a good time in her life and is beginning to discover love, the other faces complicated difficulties. Mysteriously they exchange bodies and therefore must go on with the life of the other.

Iron ladies
The story is about Chou Kai Ting, Ma Li Sha and Wang Ching Ching, 3 women of adulthood who have privileged positions in a beauty company, they seem to have everything in order, but when it comes to romance their life is a disaster .

Take my brother away
It tells the story of two student brothers, Shi Fen and Shi Miao. They do not have a good relationship because their personalities make them constantly face each other, however, despite their differences they share many experiences together, so the bond between them is strengthened with the adversities they face.


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