Best Buy’s 10-Day Sale Includes Mystery Games, Price $10


The words “mysterious game” often attract players, because usually a riddle implies that there is something important that needs to be hidden. For example, when the Epic Games Store gives away mysterious games, fans know that these will probably be some of the best games given out on the service. Once a mysterious game in the Epic Games Store was even Grand Theft Auto 5, and that says a lot. Now Best Buy is diving into the mystery game disclosure approach in its latest sale.

Best Buy is currently holding a sale on its website where players can get “mystery games” for the low price of $10. To be clear, players know what they are buying every day, but Best Buy keeps every day and sale a secret until that day comes. This sale lasts for 10 days, and every day a new game will be sold for $10. The sale promises many games and genres on PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox platforms. With a low price and the charm of mystery games, this could be a good sale for those looking for something new to play.

This Best Buy sale will last until August 19, and today the first mystery game will be presented. Fans will be able to buy a copy of Call of Duty: Vanguard for PlayStation or Xbox, and given the huge popularity of the franchise, this indicates a strong sales start. The perception of this game was a bit ambiguous, but when it is part of a large Call of Duty franchise, there will always be a lot of expectations and excitement. After all, it’s still a $10 CoD game.

No one knows what’s going to happen next, but this is the exciting part. Fans will be able to purchase it today if they want and come back tomorrow for the next title. Since there are 10 games on sale, it’s hard to imagine that there won’t be something that most fans will like. Potential consumers can follow Best Buy sales daily HERE.

Now is the time to look at some games that you can play before the main games of the fall/holiday of 2022 start being released. While 2022 may be a bit strange, the coming weeks and months are always among the busiest for the industry, and that will probably remain true.

The Best Buy sale will last until August 19.


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