Best Buy Apple Music Offer: Get 6 Months Free with Some Products


Best Buy offers six months of free use of Apple Music with certain purchases, and for just $10, new users can test the music streaming service for six months. Subscription is only a small part of the wide range of services provided by Apple, which have become a significant part of its business model. To encourage new users to join subscription platforms — from Apple Music to Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+ — the company regularly offers various free trial versions that allow users to try out Apple’s offerings. While anyone can get a free trial when they get started with most of the company’s services, there are better deals that can be obtained when customers buy Apple products.

Often, when someone buys an Apple product, they get three months of free subscription to certain Apple services along with that purchase. This may include a subscription to Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple Music, depending on the product purchased. To check if any offers are available for an Apple ID account, simply open the Settings app on your iPhone and click More for your iPhone. All offers that can already be used will be displayed here. For the most part, these offers are limited to three months. When purchasing a music product such as AirPods, Beats or HomePods, the free trial period increases to six months. However, with Best Buy’s current offering, there are many Apple products and accessories available that are covered by a six-month trial period.

Best Buy constantly offers three-month free trial versions of Apple Music, Apple News and Apple TV+ with corresponding purchases of Apple products. The promotion has now been expanded to provide users with up to six months of free trial of Apple Music with a matching purchase, and there are an amazing number of low-cost products and accessories that meet the requirements. This is only for new and regular subscribers — so current subscribers are out of luck — but new subscribers will be the only users to get the full six-month period. Returning subscribers will receive five months for free, which is still excellent compared to standard offers and prices. It’s unclear how long this offer will last, but the free trial promo code expires on September 5, 2022, so act fast to take advantage of the Best Buy deal.

Suitable products include cheap accessories

Potential buyers may be surprised to learn that suitable products are not limited to flagship devices with a fixed price of hundreds of dollars. In fact, the current offer is not limited to Apple products. Music products from third-party brands such as JBL and Skullcandy are eligible for a six-month free trial, but Apple accessories will have the most value. A typical monthly subscription to Apple Music costs $9.99, and customers can actually get six months of service for less. The best value for money is achieved with the Apple Lighting-to-3.5mm headphone adapter, which costs $7.99 and comes with six months of Apple Music, six months of Apple News+ and three months of Apple TV+.

The promotion is only valid for customers using Apple Music in the United States, and this does not only mean that the Best Buy purchase must be made in the United States. The code must also be activated using the Apple Music service in the same country with the person who took advantage of the offer, aged 13 years and older. At the end of the trial period, users will be charged an individual plan fee of $9.99 per month, unless the subscription is canceled 24 hours before it is renewed. The code will be sent to the email address that was used to purchase Best Buy, along with instructions on how to take advantage of the Apple Music offer.