Best Book Recommendations


The act of reading is a long journey. Books show people the truth and the beautiful in the process from birth to death. Those who want to keep their hope, excitement and vitality about life, never end their love of reading books.

The books, which manage to touch everyone’s hearts by telling about different worlds, consist of books that should be read by everyone who is on the way to becoming a good reader. Readers often want to read different genres rather than being dependent on a single book genre. Book lovers, who make reading books a habit, try to expand their knowledge and culture reserves by reading all kinds of books. For this reason, we have listed the most liked books by people and the types of books that are among the best. With this list of local and foreign authors, you can both get information about the books and make clearer decisions during shopping. Here are the best book recommendations;

Khaled Hosseini: The Kite Hunter

Kite Hunter tells about the friendships of Hasan and Emir, who grew up together in class differences. The book has many things that readers can learn from them. In addition, the book is set in a turbulent environment such as the collapse of the kingdom in Afghanistan, the occupation of the Soviet Union, and the collective eye of Pakistan and America.

Franz Kafka: Transformation

One of the best book recommendations is “Transformation”. This work, which is based on existentialism, focuses heavily on social and spiritual psychology. In the work, Gregor Samsa, the main character of the book, finds himself as an insect when he wakes up one morning. This insect metaphor reflects his approach to all social ailments. His words seems unique for many of us, if you think that too you can read more.

John Steinbeck: Mice and Humans

“Mice and Humans”, one of the best book recommendations, tells the painful story of two migrant workers who struggled with poverty and persecution during the great depression. In the work, the relationship of the heroes with each other and the state of despair around them are examined.


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