The best apps to edit vintage style photos


The best apps to edit vintage style photos. These applications have a large number of alternatives to give a new style to your photos.

The photographs that we see on the networks often seem extremely creative and original, but achieving it is within your reach, you will discover that as you learn about the photo editing applications that exist, you can achieve that your account of Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other social network looks amazing.

Although many of the applications work in a similar way, each one has options that distinguish it from the others, so it will be important that you take your time to test and experiment with them.

Be patient, you may not get the result you expect from the first application, but you can learn about its use with the help of the tips that exist on different boards thanks to people who have already tried them and found their charm.

Keep reading and choose which of these apps you will download first to reinvent your photos.

1998 CAM
This application adds an aspect of analog film to your photographs, thus simulating the use of a disposable camera. Among the effects it offers are the polaroid camera and a granular filter, but it has more than 100 color filters, light filtrations, dust films and more.

It is a user-friendly application where you can distort your photos using effects that refer to computer errors or damaged swamps. The effects offer a new vision that can be applied both to selfies and to the photographs of scenes or articles that you want to take.

This application allows you to edit portraits, use filters, effects and make alterations to the shades of colors, it offers too many alternatives that will surely be interesting to experiment with your photos and give a totally new vision to your Instagram profile.

VSCO is one of the most popular applications to edit the tonality of the photographs, highlighting the colors you prefer and attenuating contrasts when you wish, at first it may seem somewhat complicated to use but fortunately there are endless guides in which you can support you to get a certain style, all of them can be found on social networks like Pinterest.

This film is very suited for the upcoming cozy season, autumn!
It has a strong faded brown effect that creates a bold autumnal look on your pictures.
It strongly affects the entire details and brings out the beauty of neutral tones.
I’d highly recommend it on medium lighting setups, not so composed with lights and a good balance between dark and bright lighting.

This application offers you the alternative of adding different effects to your photographs, so that they look like a link to the technology of some years ago, some of the alternatives that it offers are a VHS effect, adding glitch to the images, a look of the 90s and also a retro effect.

In addition to offering you different filters and effects to edit your photos with various styles, this app will allow you to add a path to your photos, which you can do with simple colors or neon effects, this alternative will highlight your photos especially when a person appear in them, you will achieve this with the effect of resizing.


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