Best App Website Services


When you create your application, you need a website to publish your app on app stores. Google Play and App Store needs website url and Privacy Policy url. In addition, if you monetize your app with ads, you should also support app-ads.txt which is a way to protect your brand and advertising income.

We have listed the best services to create a website for your application. Don’t leave without reading the AppPage service, we think you really like it.

AppPage is the best option to have an app website. First, you never deal with coding, templates, etc. It generates your app website via your app’s Google Play link in 5 seconds. Let’s check the advantages of AppPage.

  • Great app landing page templates.
  • Auto data creation
  • Easy to create privacy policy page
  • Subdomain, you can get one subdomain of
  • Custom Domain, If you have a domain, you can use it easily
  • app-ads.txt Support, it is really easy to update
  • Multi-language Support
  • Free & Premium packages
  • Premium is only $1 per month
  • Too fast customer support


WordPress is a very powerful tool that allows you to have a complete application website and blog with almost no restrictions on what you can achieve. The best part is that the WordPress software is free but you will need to pay for your own hosting service. WordPress is easy to set up on your own shared server (and if you can), and it does take some time to get it. On the other hand;

  • Own hosting needs min $10/month
  • You need a custom domain $12/year
  • Many security problems, your website may be hacked.
  • You need wordpress template min $20
  • Too complex to use and maintain.
  • No auto data creation


Blogger does not have the same level of features or theme options as WordPress, but it is completely free and you can use it for business activities. However it is not suitable for app landing pages or app websites.

  • No support of app-ads.txt
  • Not having themes for app landing pages
  • No auto data creation

Firebase Hosting

Firebase offers a free and reliable way to host your website files. However it is not easy to maintain. First you should create your app landing page that needs html and javascript coding skills.

Cons of Firebase hosting;

  • Web coding skills are required
  • You should app landing page ( costs min $12)
  • Not easy to use
  • There is auto data creation


Wix is a nice service if you don’t have a lot of technical experience in creating websites, and want an easy-to-use platform with no coding required.

On the other hand, ;

  • No support of app-ads.txt
  • Paid plans start $14/month (expensive)
  • There is auto data creation
  • Complex to use


In Conclusion, if you want to have a website for your application easily, you should use that is focused only for this purpose. The other services have many disadvantages and are time consuming. Essentially you shouldn’t use the service which doesn’t support app-ads.txt.


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