Best Android games – August 2020


Whether you sit at home or spend time by the sea, the games on your smartphone are perfect for boredom. While the Google Play Store is full of millions of games embracing different categories and styles of play, most of the games are either poorly optimized or directly bad in nature. This makes it difficult to find games that really deserve a place in your storage space. With the best Android games recommendations, you can easily find games worth having on your phone. Below are the Top 5 Android Games for August 2020:

Grand Mountain Adventure

Those who love the cool, breezy and adventurous atmosphere of the mountains will be pleased with this game. Grand Mountain Adventure seems to be for you. In this game, you can create huge mountains by moving in various directions. Moreover, there are many mountainous countries to explore. The game includes various gameplay styles such as boardercross, slalom, super G, slopestyle, big air and so on. The adventure begins at the foot of a very quiet ski resort in the middle of the Alps. You can rise to Almhutte and try your first fight. You can also tour and explore hidden challenges, ski passes.


Hellfire is an online multiplayer and online shooter game. The game is a fast paced shooter where only brutal people can survive. In the game’s description, the publishers state how difficult the game will be with the slogan “Rookies Not Allowed.” The game is fast, if you plan to camp and wait and attack then this is not for you.

The story in the game is about sins haunting us and the rise of hell on earth. For years, people fought in vain, but they were finally able to make a deal with the devil. If you are a fast-paced gamer, you should definitely check out Hellfire.

Subscribe to My Adventure

Subscribe to My Adventure is an RPG that simulates a real-life social platform. Here, you can play as a new streamer trying to gain attention and gain subscriptions from various adventures and move towards their goal of becoming a famous influencer. Game private messages, stories, etc. We can describe it as the simulation of a realistic social platform presented on a virtual social platform using a realistic social media software with its elements. In addition, the game plan choices also contain different factions that can have different consequences.

Build a Bridge!

build a bridge

This game has won several awards, including Google Play Most Innovative Game 2017. You can test your engineering and improvisation skills in this puzzle game where the risks are as high as possible. In the planning phase, it is displayed in two-dimensional graphics for you to understand everything better. You can connect the dots to make the most durable structure you can build. Other features of the game include different materials that can be used to build: Wood, metal, cables. The puzzles go up to 86 levels with increasing difficulty. The game can be diversified in detailed environments full of interactive elements. Meanwhile, you will be given multiple cars to test the structures.

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch is one of the most interactive indoor games. If you like playing table tennis in real life, you should also try the touch version. You can climb the ranks in a packed career mode with tournaments, leagues and special events. Here are half-table, skittle, truth zones, and 12 unique ping-pong challenges ongoing. You can play matches in real time with your friends who have devices on different platforms. And progress in the career, you can unlock different episodes and features. You can choose from more than 30 designs that you unlock. The graphics here are good too and there are lots of trophies you can collect.


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